Honorary Presidents

Acad. Constantin Ionescu-Tîrgoviște
Acad. Constantin Bălăceanu Stolnici
Prof. dr. Viorel Jinga
Prof. dr. Mircea Beuran
Conf. dr. Diana Loreta Păun

Presidents of Congress

Prof. dr. Paula Perlea
Prof. dr. Alexandru Vlad Ciurea
Prof. dr. Emanoil Ceaușu
Prof. dr. Gelu Onose
Prof. dr. Corin Badiu
Dr. Dina Mergeani

Scientific Committee

President: Prof. Dr. Dumitru Lupuliasa
Prof. Dr. Mircea Cinteza
Prof. Dr. George Cristian Curcă
Prof. Dr. Șerban Țovaru
Prof. Dr. Sorin Țiplică
Prof. Dr. Simil-Aysel Florescu
Assoc. Dr. Alexandru Burcea
Assoc. Dr. Ana Capisizu
Assoc. Dr. Elena Valentina Ionescu
Lecturer Dr. Ștefan Busnatu
Dr. Mihai Cristian Popescu

Organizing Committee

President: Assoc. dr. Constantin Munteanu
Assistant by Simona Carniciu, PhD
Lecturer dr. Ioanina Parlatescu
Dr. Sorin Godeanu
Fkt. Viorela Bembea
Camil Filimon
Dr. Mihai Cristian Popescu

Preliminary program

Thursday - June, 8-th
Excellence in Romanian medicine

08:30-09:15 – Opening Ceremony

09:15-11:15 – Neurosciences

Prof. Dr. Alexandru Vlad Ciurea, Covache Busuioc Razvan, Horia Costin, Luca Glavan, Conf. Dr. Mircea-Vicentiu Saceleanu  – Neural vs Reticular Theory in development of Neuroscience (From Waldeyer&Golgi to Ramon y Cajal & G. Marinescu)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Corneliu Toader, Prof. Dr Alexandru Vlad Ciurea, Prof. Habil. Dr. Aurel George Mohan, Dr. Andrei Alexandru Marinescu, Andrei Adrian Popa – Historical Steps in Pituitary Gland Surgery – Romanian Important Contribution

Bogdan Gabriel Bratu, Prof. Dr. Aurel Mohan, Covache Busuioc Razvan Adrian, Prof. Dr. Alexandru Vlad Ciurea – Complex Machine Learning Algorithms in Neuroimaging – New Horizons

 – Andrei Adrian Popa, Conf Dr. Corneliu Toader, Dr. Dan Bentia, Dr. Andrei Alexandru Marinescu, Prof. Dr. MSc. Alexandru Vlad Ciurea – Mysterious Star in the Brain: Accumbens Nucleus, many neural functions activities

 – Covache Busuioc Razvan Adrian , Horia Petre Costin, Glavan Luca, Corlatescu Antonio, Prof. Dr. MSc. Alexandru Vlad Ciurea – Neuroanatomy and Physiology of the Intracerebral Lymphatic System: Myth or Reality?

 – Prof. univ. dr. Gelu Onose, Assoc. prof. dr. Constantin Munteanu, Lecturer Dr. Ștefan Busnatu, Lecturer Dr. Cristina Popescu, Dr. Monica Florea – Prerequisites for AI assisted stratification in NeuroRehabilitation of Stroke – within a beginning related won Consortial European Research Project – and focus on our current conceptual and practical knowledge regarding post Cerebral Vascular Attack (CVA) physiatric approaches

11:15-11:30 – Break / Company Symposiums

11:30-12:30 –  Endocrinology

 – Assoc. Prof. dr. Diana Loreta PăunPrimary hyperparathyroidism – from classic to modern

 – Prof. Corin BadiuAdvances in the management of medullary thyroid cancer – Laura Stanescu, Mara Baetu, Sorina Schipor, Andrei Muresan, Anda Dumitrascu, Corin Badiu

12.30 – 13.15 Lunch break

13:15-14:45 –  Cardiology (I)

 – Acad. prof. dr. Leonida GherasimWhat are the hot topics in cardiology today?

 – Dr. Cristian UdroiuSevere aortic stenosis in the elderly. Acute problem. ignored for a long time

 – Prof. dr. Elisabeta BădilăHypertensinology today

 – Prof. dr. Marius VintilăThe shadow enemy (vascular inflammation)

 – Prof. dr. Mircea CintezăTelemedicine between efficiency and ethics

14.45 – 14.55  Break

14.55 – 16.25 Cardiology (II) – Today’s cardiology from prevention to innovation

Dr. Andreea Lacraru, Dr, Nicoleta Avram, Dr. Anamaria Avram – The impact of muscle strength in cardiovascular diseases

Dr. Nicoleta Avram, Asist. Univ. Dr. Raluca Ciomag, Asist. Univ. Dr. Andreea Catană, Conf Dr. Catalina Andrei – Neurohormonal therapy in heart failure – new approaches

Lecturer Dr. Silviu StanciuSudden death prevention – advanced imaging in the evaluation of athletes’ heart athletes

Asist Univ. Dr. Liviu Serbanoiu, Dr. Elena Plesu, SL. Dr. Stefan Busnatu – Cardiac telerehabilitation – a viable option for Romania?

Dr. Stanculescu Mihaela Octavia, Conf Dr. Scafa Alexandru – Artificial intelligence in cardiology – between wishes and possibilities

16.25 – 16.40 Break/ Company Symposiums

16.40 – 18.40 Urology

Dr. Cristian PERSUPenile prosthesis implant in treatment of severe erectile dysfunction

Dr. Răzvan PETCATherapeutic management of cancer of the prostate – localized stage

Dr. Ștefan RAȘCUProstate cancer treatment castration-resistant metastatic

Dr. Cristian SIMAMetastatic prostate cancer – case presentation

Friday - June, 9-th
Current aspects in the clinical activity

08:00-10:30 – Dermatology and Oral Pathology

Prof Șerban Țovaru, Prof dr Paula Perlea – Incidence of oral mucosal disorders over a 20-year period in Bucharest, Romania

Dr. Maria Alexandra Vișan, Șef lucr. dr. Daniel Costache –Hidradenitis suppurativa: an Overview of the Latest Treatment Perspectives

Lecturer dr. Alexandra Irina ButacuThe latest news in oncodermatology

Drd. Iulia-Elena NegulețActinic keratosis – a modern assessment

Drd. Alina Suru, Prof. dr. Carmen Maria Sălăvăstru – Epidermolysis bullosa: recommendations from the European Reference Network – ERN Skin

Drd. Adelina ȘendreaAtopic dermatitis: extracuta

Prof. Dr. George-Sorin ȚiplicaUpdate of the ERN Skin SJS/TEN diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines

10.30 – 11.30 International Speakers

Prof. dr. Roxana CărarePathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease and new therapeutic strategies, Cheryl Hawkes, Roy Weller, Hugh Perry, Maureen Gatherer, Roxana Carare

11.30 – 11.45 Break/ Company symposiums

11.45 -12.45 Pharmacological approaches

Prof. dr. Dumitru Lupuliasa , Prof. dr. Cristina Elena Dinu Parvu, Prof. dr. Cerasela Elena Gârd, NON-violent communication in difficult situations – The use of nanotechnologies in medicine and pharmacy – News in phytotherapy – Current affairs in ophthalmology

12.45 – 13.30 Lunch break

13.30 – 15.30 Pediatrics

Dr. Mădălina Leancă, Andrada Mirea, Liliana Padure, Gelu Onose – New phenotypes in early and innovative treatments in Spinal Muscular Atrophy patients

Assoc. prof. Dr. Andrada Mirea, Elena Neagu, Liliana Padure, Madalina Leanca, Gelu Onose – Current premises for neonatal screening of Spinal Muscular Atrophy in Romania

Prof. Dr. Doina Anca Plesca Long COVID la copii si adolescenți : o problema de mare actualitate

15.30 – 16.00 Break/ Company symposiums

16.00 – 18.00 Family Medicine

Dr. Dina Mergeani (SNMF President) – Current issues in family medicine

Saturday - June, 10th
Conference Prevention, treatment and rehabillitation in spine/cord pathology and osteo-articular deseases

08.00 – 10.00 Geriatrics and Gerontology

Dr. Zamfirescu Andreea, Alecu-Mihai Madalina, Gîdei Monica, Gîţă Costina, Aurelian Sorina, Prada Ana, Mihalache Ruxandra, Capisizu Ana – Active aging from the perspective of resilience and frailty

Dr. Valeria Mădălina Alecu-Mihai, Mihaela Roman, Sorina Aurelian, Ruxandra Mihalache, Ana Capisizu, Ana Prada, Gelu Onose, Andreea Zamfirescu – Neuropsychomotor consequences and recovery possibilities after stroke among elderly patients

Dr. Gîdei Monica, Gîţă Costina, Aurelian Sorina, Capisizu Ana, Zamfirescu Andreea, Alecu-Mihai Madalina, Stavrica Alexandru, Prada Ana, Mihalache Ruxandra – The importance of physical exercise in improving the quality of life of geriatric patients

Dr. Prada Ana-Gabriela, Zamfirescu Andreea, Alecu-Mihai Madalina, Gîdei Monica, Gîţă Costina, Mihalache Ruxandra, Tudor Stroie, Diculescu Mircea, Capisizu Ana, Aurelian Sorina – Inflammatory intestinal diseases in the elderly – clinical features

Dr. Sorina Maria Aurelian, Ruxandra Mihalache, Costina Daniela Gita, Monica Sandra Gidei, Ana Prada, Madalina Alecu, Justin Aurelian, Andreea Zamfirescu, Ana Capisizu – Challenges in Geriatric Rehabilitation Plan

Dr. Gîță Costina, Zamfirescu Andreea, Prada Ana, Gîdei Monica, Alecu-Mihai Madalina, Aurelian Sorina, Capisizu Ana, Mihalache Ruxandra – The relationship between vitamin D and the metabolic syndrome in elderly patient

Dr. Mihalache Ruxandra, Aurelian Sorina, Zamfirescu Andreea, Gîţă Costina, Gîdei Monica, Alecu Mihai Mădălina, Prada Ana, Capisizu Ana – Cardiac rehabilitation–key aspects for the elderly

Dr. Capisizu Ana, Zamfirescu Andreea, Prada Ana, Gîță Costina, Gîdei Monica, Alecu-Mihai Madalina, Mihalache Ruxandra, Capisizu Sorina, Aurelian Sorina – Vitamin C and Aging

10.00 – 10.30 Break/ Company symposiums

10.30 – 12.30 Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine and Balneology

Assoc. prof. dr. Constantin Munteanu, Lecturer dr. Cristina Popescu, Prof. dr. Gelu Onose – Scientific evidence regarding the evaluation of the effects of natural therapeutic factors in disorders in the Neuro-Myo-Arthro-Kinetic (NMAK) pathology.

Lecturer dr. Ioana Andone, dr. Stefan Gheorgita, Dr. Aura Spînu, Dr. Cristina Popescu, Prof. dr. Gelu Onose – A complex case, with favorable rehabiltative outcomes, of an incomplete AIS/FRANKEL D tetraplegia post cervical spinal cord injury (SCI) with left brachial plexopathy

Lecturer Dr. Aura Spinu, Dr. Ruxandra Postoiu, Dr. Roxana Bistriceanu, Dr. Ioana Andone, Dr. Cristina Popescu,  Prof. dr. Gelu Onose – A very difficult case of lumbar spondylodiscitis without cord lesions but with marked global disabling/deconditioning consequences and related challenging management and evolutio

Dr. Andreea Trandafir, Prof. dr. Gelu Onose, Dr. Crista Laslo, Dr. Violeta Claudia Bojinca – COVID-19 and the Spine: An atypical case of presentation of Ankylosing Spondylitis after  Mild SARS-COV-2 Infection.

Assoc. prof. dr. Cristina DaiaElectromyography diagnosis and severity criteria` in post lumbar  radiculopathies.

12.30 – 13.30 Lunch break

13.30 – 15.30 Orthopedics

Prof. Alexandru Ulici – Pediatric orthopedics in the 3rd millennium

Conf. Rodica Marinescu: TBA

Dr. Alexandru Herdea: Vitamin D in pediatric orthopedics

Dr. Alin Gabriel Sterian: Knee arthroscopy in pediatrics

Prof Dr Ioan Cristian StoicaAnalysis of Joint Replacement Surgeries in Romania: Importance of the Romanian Arthroplasty Register for Monitoring and Improving Healthcare Quality

Dr. Bica FlorinBlood loss management in total knee arthroplasty

Dr. Bica FlorinPain management in total knee arthroplasty

15.30 – 16.00 Break/ Company symposiums

16.00 – 16.30 Malpractice

Dr. Andrei NanuCriminalization of medical errors in Romania

16.30 – 18.00  Forensic aspects

As univ. dr. Țurlea Ioana RuxandraClinical legal medicine examination in reported cases of domestic violence

Prof. dr. George Cristian CurcăClinical legal medicine examination in reported sexual abuses

Prof. dr. George Cristian CurcăForensic toxicological assessment of driving under the influence of psychoactive substances

Sunday - June, 11-th
Current strategies in the management of serious infections in the critical patient

08.00 – 10.00 Infectious diseases – Infectious diseases in the high tech era

Prof. dr. Emanoil Ceausu, Prof. dr. Simin Aysel Florescu Infectious diseases in the era of information and rapid circulation – Etiological diagnosis of infectious diseases: from “standard” to ultra-fast methods –
Etiological treatment of infectious diseases: perspectives in the era of antibiotic resistance – Diseases and import vectors in correlation with new infectious diseases – The One Helth Concept: the integration of animal health and the environment in human medicine

10.00 – 10.30 Break/ Company symposiums

10.30 – 12.30 General surgery and ICU

Asoc. Prof. dr. Liliana MireaInvasive fungal infections in critically ill patients – current methods of diagnosis and treatment

Dr. Anca Stoian Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”. Clinical nutrition from Hippocrates to the Vienna Declaration (2022)

Prof Mircea BeuranLaparoscopia in chirurgia de urgenta

Prof Mircea BeuranThe influence of sarcopenia in the development of pancreatic fistula after cephalic duodenopancreatectomy

12.30 – 13.30 Lunch break

13.30 – 15.00 Diabetes, Nutrition, and Metabolic Diseases

Prof. dr. Constantin-Ionescu Tîrgoviște, Dr. Simona CarniciuMedical nutritional therapy in diabetes and obesity

Prof dr. Radulian GabrielaNew perspectives in diabetes management

15.00 – 15.30 Ophtalmology

Prof. Marieta Dumitrache – News in Ophthalmology

15.30 – 16.00 Break / Company Symposiums

16.00 – 18.00 Plastic surgery

Assoc. prof. dr. Carmen Giuglea Infection in patients with bedsores – multidisciplinary approach

Assoc. prof. dr. Carmen Giuglea Fournier’s gangrene – a pathology on the border between urology, ATI and plastic surgery

Prof. Silviu MarinescuTBC

Prof. Catalina Poiana – The burden of osteoporosis: hip fractures

Monday - June, 12th
AMR headquarters – round table Management of severe infections

Participation fees

Doctors / Researchers

350 RON

Residents / Nurses

100 RON



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